Sustainable Sourcing Reveals Health Benefits of Salt

Great Barrington, MA, February 06, 2010 --( Salt consumption has been blamed for a myriad of health issues and problems for many years. However, the negative effects may actually come from the type of salt that’s consumed and not understand the source of salt, according to Melissa Kushi, founder and president of Sustainable Sourcing and HimalaSalt™. Kushi’s company offers a way to bring healthy, gourmet to salt to consumers through her line of pink Himalayan salt products.

With growing popularity of the Slow Food Movement and movies such as The Future of Food and Food, Inc. consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the contamination in our food system and what that does to our overall health. A recent article on MedicineNet by Miranda Hitti discusses findings of mercury in high-fructose corn syrup, which is used in an alarmingly amount of products, including breakfast cereals that many children eat daily. The article states, “Mercury exposure at high levels can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system.” Kushi, who has devoted much of her life’s work to sustainable foods, farming and alternative health, finds this unacceptable and is letting consumers know that for health and well-being, it is crucial to stick to artisan produced, organically grown, heirloom quality, natural foods.

Today’s consumers are educated in food contamination and issues surrounding our current food system and many are seeking out more healthful alternatives. While salt is a necessary part of every healthy diet, consumers are experiencing health risks associated with refined table salt and are wary of sea salts coming from today’s polluted oceans. Sustainable Sourcing has set out to fill the void of gourmet salt that is rich in taste and health benefits alike. Kushi notes, “The fear of salt has arisen from consumer alerts that advise reduced consumption of salt and foods that have a high sodium content. Consumers deserve to know that this is not the whole truth, that it's really about quality vs. quantity which is why I created HimalaSalt.”

The table salt many people have become accustomed to consuming is very low in quality and an unhealthy product that should be avoided. Table salt is chemically treated to isolate and extract minerals, which are then sold to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. What's left is sodium and chloride which is heat treated to 1200 degrees destroying vital minerals. Table salt also contains an added anti-caking and flow agent that is derived from aluminum and further re-iodized, which is delivered in a corn-dextrose (GMO) base. The body reacts to these substances as toxins and Dr. Mercola has theorized that consuming too much of this type of salt can lead to issues such as cellulite, rheumatism, arthritis, gout and kidney and gall bladder stones.

Unlike most salt products on the market today, HimalaSalt is all-natural, unrefined with no additives and hand harvested from a protected source. It is gluten and allergen free, and while it has trace amounts of naturally occurring iodine, it does not have any added iodine. HimalaSalt is not heat treated like other salts, which preserves the delicate trace essential minerals so important to health and vitality.

Sustainable Sourcing is 100% committed to providing products that are not only healthy but also produced under strict conditions and leave the least amount of impact on the environment as possible. A poll of national retailers uncovered that HimalaSalt is the only salt company they've discovered that has their own packing facility. All other salt companies use co-packers, which can create cross contamination with allergenic substances. Sustainable Sourcing’s HimalaSalt products are packaged in a their own Certified Organic and Kosher facility under strict artisan methods for better hygiene, quality control and cleanliness than other companies. Sustainable Sourcing’s facility utilizes Dr. Bronner’s Certified Organic Soap as their cleaning product, and they use a rinse of a hot water solution with Eden Foods’ Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which is naturally fermented.

In addition to HimalaSalt products, Sustainable Sourcing also carries sustainably sourced, ethically produced 100% organic peppercorns which, Kushi herself helps to harvest every year. These products are available individually and in eco-friendly, 100% zero landfill gourmet gift sets and holiday gourmet gift sets. Servings suggestions and recipes are available online to assist with creative ways to use all of the products Sustainable Sourcing has to offer. Products are available for purchase online at, and are available at Whole Foods Market, Wegman’s Fresh Markets and other natural and gourmet stores. Sustainable Sourcing generously donates 5% of their profits support environmental causes.

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