Brand New Supermarket Safety Series

New Supermarket Safety Series available for the grocer industry.

Oklahoma City, OK, February 06, 2010 --( When considering how many accidents and potential health hazards can be originated from a supermarket, it is amazing that more incidents do not occur. To keep consumers and employees safe from injury, SafetySkills™ has created an entire course series to specifically address the elements of the supermarket industry.

“Grocery stores provide many jobs that require different training elements,” said Trey Greene, CEO of “A cashier may not need the same training as a bakery employee or a deli worker. Each of these jobs holds a great deal of risk to the employee and the consumers if food or equipment is handled incorrectly.”

The grocery store industry is one of the largest industries world-wide and reportedly provided 2.5 million jobs in 2008. Most of these employees are part-time between the ages of 16 and 24, meaning that training new employees is a constant issue.

When Tiara Rye, Homeland Assistant Frontend Manager of Norman, was asked about SafetySkills™ Supermarket Safety Series she described it as "very interactive… easy to use and covers all the basic points in safety." She also encourages other supermarket and employees to take and deploy this training to others.

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