Retail POS Software Company Capretail Has Released Powerful Inventory Management Feature for Their Existing Product Suites for Small Business

Fort Worth, TX, February 07, 2010 --( Capretail Inc has now optimized its software to meet demands of small businesses all over the country. This new Inventory management software feature will solve the needs of number of different domains. Most of the customers, who already have Retail POS software running for their systems, are now looking forward to the new feature, because this hasn’t been previously implemented by any of the competitors.

The Team at Capretail has worked hard to implement these new features, and according to them the business owners can now track the entire history of the stock by just using a Internet login, anytime, anywhere. Owner of an online clothing store in LA, Jessica says that the software has saved her at least 40 hours of work that used to be involved in a month without using the software. It allowed her to check her stock, see how much she had to order, how much of the stock an overflow was and all such things with such ease and clicks of few buttons.

“People don’t have to worry about products going in and out of the store anymore”, claims the CEO of company at Capretail. Business owners can now go on vacations and still know what is happening with their business, they can order, make changes and do anything that they would otherwise have to be there to do all the time.

The powerful features of inventory control software should usually include:

View the stock going in and out
Track supplier, vendor purchases
Calculates average cost while supplying and receiving
Allows you store future supplies and provides control over predictions

Capretail might partner with lots of systems to make the usage of the software widespread.

Capretail is the owner of CAP Software, which is the original retail Point-of-Sale and inventory control software system. They have been developing solid, stable POS software products based on the features required for real world retail businesses.

CAP Software
Will Atkinson