Talent Zoo, the Leading Online Communications Job Board, Protects Customers Against Emerging Trend of ID Theft

Atlanta, GA, October 26, 2006 --(PR.com)-- www.talentzoo.com - Atlanta-based job recruiter and online job board, Talent Zoo, has discovered a new trend is emerging among stolen credit card information. 

People with fraudulent credit cards are now attempting to purchase resume access and job postings through job board sites in an attempt to gain more people’s information and steal their identities. 

“Talent Zoo has seen a significant rise in the past month of fraudulent charges trying to purchase resume packages,” said Michelle Shell, online sales manger for Talent Zoo.  “Luckily, we have a very strict review policy for all charges that come through our system to protect our customer base and insure ID theft does not occur at Talent Zoo.” 

All of the charges that Talent Zoo has noticed have come from Nigeria, Malaysia, and surrounding areas claiming to be individuals and companies from the UK.

After further research, Talent Zoo found that a large number of computers were donated to these areas, but the hard drives still had personal information on them.  The recipients of the donated equipment then hacked the computers to obtain personal information, and then to use that to gain access to others’ information through job board resume access.

“Access to a job board’s resume database is a goldmine for ID scammers,” says Joe Folan, Marketing Manager at Talent Zoo.  “A multitude of personal information can be obtained through a person’s resume.  Many people don’t realize that in addition to being cautious of what information they put on their resume, they also have to be cautious of the job boards they submit to and to what jobs they respond.”

“Talent Zoo is very thorough in making sure there are no occurrences of false job postings, pyramid schemes, or resume access given to those with intentions of committing ID theft.  We encourage other job boards to be as careful when selling their products and services,” said Folan.

However, this is not proving to be true.  A salesperson at Talent Zoo received an email claiming to be from a large, national job board (including a response email address that ends with the exact syntax of that company’s standard email addresses). 

After calling to ask about the source of this email, the representative told her not to click on any of the links and forward it to their staff for review.  The representative then went on to say that there are companies that have developed software to hack into their job board website.  It has been reported that in the last three weeks a woman responded to a similar email and within four hours, her entire bank account had been emptied.

As scammers’ creativity combines with technology advances, job seekers are becoming more and more vulnerable to these types of ploys.  “You really have to go with your gut when responding to job opportunities,” says Folan.  “If it seems too good to be true, or even the slightest bit suspicious, it usually is.”

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