Debuts Its Lifting Magnet and Permanent Magnets Buying Guide

Manufacturers of magnets and magnetic equipment featured on the Web's leading custom manufacturing portal.

Virginia Beach, VA, February 10, 2010 --(, the free online industrial marketplace to buy and sell custom made parts and components introduced today its new guide for companies in the market or involved in producing permanent magnets and allied products at The company said this morning to the Virginia media the publication will be hosted in partnership with IndustrialCOOP and include a variety of industrial magnets as well as magnetic tapes, strips, cards, sheets, magnetic switches, clips and related items in a wide range of sizes and styles.

According to Dominic Rossi, spokesperson for MFGmatch, the site includes offers for a lifting magnet and high quality industrial grade permanent magnets capable of lifting up to several tons or more using a crane or hoist at Rossi said companies use the site to find suitable domestic and international manufacturers with custom manufacturing capabilities specializing in various magnetic products for industrial, construction, material handling, electronic, conveying, magnetic separation, fixturing and other applications.

“MFGmatch and IndustrialCOOP are committed to be the leading online industrial resource for all kinds of magnets such as ceramic, samarium, bonded neodymium, rare earth, flexible alnico, lifting magnets and other types,” said Rossi. He concluded, “The site includes offerings from companies serving markets nationwide from Virginia to California as well as overseas markets in search of super quality, reliable and competitive priced magnetic products from ISO certified manufacturers, distributors and exporters.” Additional information is available by email at or calling 206-309-0756

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Donald LaBelle