Wilmin NatuReal Products Offers Women a Fresh New Alternative to Natural Skin Care

With so many skin care products on the market today, where does a girl turn for skin care she can trust? The answer is Wilmin NatuReal Products, LLC, a fresh, new start-up from creators, William and Mindy Tehero.

Hartland, MI, February 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The husband-and-wife team of William and Mindy Tehero discovered that most of the commercial skin care products available today, including many labeled “natural” or “organic,” are anything but natural or organic. The more the couple learned about what ingredients are contained in most skin care products, the more convinced they were that women needed a natural alternative. So they created their own natural skin care line designed to heal, nourish, and support the skin - without using any synthetic or other “unnatural” ingredients. After almost two years of researching and testing ingredients, “Wilmin NatuReal Products” was born.

Wilmin NatuReal’s skin care products are formulated with all natural and organic, plant-based ingredients. “Our ingredients come from Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, New York, and Ohio. Before dealing with suppliers of our raw materials, we researched their integrity and background to make sure that the supply chain is in- line with taking care of our planet and its people,” explained William Tehero, head of manufacturing for Wilmin NatuReal.

The company’s skin care line is not only safe to use for any skin type, but also remedies many common skin ailments, including minor acne, stretch marks, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, and psoriasis. “We are very excited about the feedback we have received from our test groups, said Mindy Tehero, president of sales for Wilmin NatuReal. “Some customers reported that our signature skin care cream (Night Whisper Cream) alleviated numerous skin abnormalities, including the affects of poison ivy and psoriasis in about half-the-time of the over-the-counter name brand skin care creams. So not only are Wilmin NatuReal’s products natural and without synthetic chemicals, but they also contribute to the health and vitality of your skin,” Mindy Tehero added.

Wilmin NatuReal will launch its website (wilminorganicskincare.com) on the 14th of February in order to give customers easy access to the company’s skin care products. The website will provide testimonials and offer skin care tips and other information to help customers make proper use of the company’s skin care products. Additionally, Wilmin NatuReal initiated a charity program where the company will contribute 5% of all gross sales to one of three featured charities each month. Wilmin NatuReal offers all customers free samples and free shipping on all purchases during the month of February.

For more information about the company’s natural skin care products and skincare tips, please visit www. wilminorganicskincare.com or call Mindy Tehero at (248) 459-0958.

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