Are You Still Looking for the Internet Marketing Box Lid?

Claremont, Australia, October 27, 2006 --( A major new force in internet marketing was launched this week - and immediately promised to put enterprise-level web traffic acquisition and conversion tools and information within the reach of every business web site.

Called OMS3, the [Perth, Australia]-based company has developed its own portfolio of no-bull software products and information technology; each of which will enable any business to dramatically accelerate the efficiency and profitability of its online marketing.

Behind the company are Americans Harris Fellman (accomplished Internet Marketing business owner) and Richard East (business strategist), and Australian web traffic expert Nick Dunin. Together they bring over 35 years of experience and skill to their new venture.

OMS3 is a subscription-based commercial model. Throughout the year, marketing software and information products will be systematically released to members of its rapidly-growing online business excellence community.

Their first product will be a Systems product, and is scheduled to be launched on November 7th. It will provide a complete set of building blocks to manage every aspect of web content, marketing and optimization/conversion.

“It is one thing to 'know' that you need to implement strategic thinking into your business; it is completely something else to have the necessary blueprints to follow. The first product release from OMS3 will provide those much needed blueprints in a manner that has never been exposed to the business world,” said Richard East.

Added bonuses will include testing and metrics analysis products.

“OMS3 and our first product 'The Internet Marketing Game' is for anyone who's fed up of being bombarded with those tedious online marketing newsletters, bulletins and courses; which try to convince us that we can become experts overnight,” said Nick Dunin.

“The problem with them is that they provide individuals and companies with all the pieces of the trafficking jigsaw, but don't show them the box lid. For most people, being unable to see the big picture results in frustration, ineffective results and a ridiculous waste of money.

“The three of us joined forces to cut through the eMarketing bull. By taking a systematic approach and uniting all the marketing disciplines in one holistic program, we're confident we can explode many of the myths which have prevailed during recent years.

“Needless to say, we're likely to ruffle a few feathers and make ourselves some enemies along the way. But we just felt it was time to develop weaponry which can help real business people to cut through the bull and combat the real challenges they face every day.”

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