Regional Barista Competition Fueled with Larry's Beans Coffee

Unique Signature Beverage to Feature Raleigh Roaster’s Product

Raleigh, NC, February 11, 2010 --( Ready, Set, Brew! Whipping up a macchiato may seem like an easy task to the untrained eye, but as Jacob Owens knows; a special combination of precision, artistry, and imagination is needed to craft the perfect cup of coffee. Owens’ skills as a barista will be put to the ultimate test during the Southeast Regional Barista Championship in Atlanta, Georgia from February 19-21. Owens is currently a barista at the Black Mountain Dripolator, which has proudly served Larry’s Beans coffee since 1999.

The much-anticipated competition is organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and will feature an intensive schedule of events testing the baristas’ expertise at preparing various coffeehouse drinks. The Southeast Barista Championship was developed by the SCAA to take barista abilities and knowledge to the next level, and is complete with a practice session, separate rounds, and even a restaurant crawl so that competitors can experience the local coffee culture.

Erik Iverson of Larry’s Beans will accompany Owens to the 3-day competition in Atlanta. Owens previously attended a SCAA barista workshop in November 2009 with Larry’s Beans in Charlotte. Owens is looking forward to representing Larry’s Beans in the championship and having the opportunity to prove his accomplishments as a barista.

“I was lucky to get some experience at the conference in Charlotte, but now I’m looking forward to testing the waters and representing Larry’s Beans at the competition in Atlanta,” said Owens. “I can’t wait to unveil the unique signature beverage that I’ve been crafting. There should be some stiff competition, but the atmosphere is friendly and energetic.”

“It’s incredible to watch these baristas and their level of craftsmanship,” Iverson said. “People don’t realize the skill and effort that goes in to making that perfect specialty drink Larry’s Beans is proud to support a barista like Jacob who has worked with our coffee for so long.”

About the Specialty Coffee Association of America

The SCAA was established in 1982, built from a desire to unlock the potential of coffee and bring pleasure to millions of people each day. Today, the SCAA is the world’s largest coffee trade association and provides education, training, resources and business services to its members in more than 40 countries. The SCAA serves every sector of the coffee industry, from growers to roasters to retailers. The commitment to adapt to a changing industry has allowed the organization to provide standards, statistics, and resources to its members. In addition, the SCAA will host its annual exposition in April in Anaheim, CA. During the 4-day event, FETCO, the premiere coffee equipment provider, will exclusively brew Larry’s Beans coffee. Larry’s Beans is excited to partner with FETCO in sharing a deep commitment to sustainability and a quality product. For more information call 562.624.4100 or visit

About Larry’s Beans

Since 1994, the mission of Larry’s Beans has been to find the best coffees in the world and roast them with precision and artistry. The company is a founding member of Cooperative Coffees, the first and only group of independent coffee roasters that buys green beans directly from Fair Trade Organic co-ops. Larry’s Beans aims to cultivate relationships that benefit people, animals, and the environment. In 2006, Larry’s Beans was the recipient of the NC Sustainability for triple-bottom line business. For more information call 919.828.1234 or visit

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