Find Missing Relatives and Help the Survivors of Haiti Earthquake with the Website by Sibers

“Seek, and ye shall find” – the motto for a new Internet resource that will help hundreds of families to find missing relatives after the earthquake that struck Haiti. The system offers volunteers and proactive people a real chance to help the needy.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, February 12, 2010 --( Charitable online project is released to provide Haitian people and their relatives throughout the world with an effective tool to search and find both missing people and those in need.

This portal has a great potential for everyone who was touched by the quake having devastated Haiti. First, it helps the Haitians and their relatives both in Haiti and abroad to find the necessary humanitarian aid and information support on missing persons. In addition, the international organizations working in Haiti will use the site for coordinating their efforts. Finally, the government will notify people on the actions taken so that nobody will be left unheard.

One can think that since the rescue operations halted, there is nothing left to help the Haitians. Actually, the hardest times are coming: the country’s reconstruction, supporting the survivors and identifying the dead takes much more time and requires greater patience. As for delivering information, since radio broadcasting requires consistent rebroadcast to reach the target audience, a space where the information is consistently listed is a useful addition. So, such new techniques as online tools and portals like should be used.

The website, supported by Bon Mamit S.A. and made by software development company Sibers, is extremely simple yet effective. Users of can be assured of a successful experience. Everybody can submit a description of their missing loved ones; organizations like the Red Cross will publish photos of recovered bodies that need to be identified; people in need can ask for help and organizations ready to provide any help will submit their offers.

The conceivers of Mache Chèche, a team composed of journalists, technology consultants and business people, explain the origin of the name that also reveals the true mission of this project: “Mache Chèche is a Haitian Creole slang phrase that can be literally translated as ‘walk searching.’ But the term is also linked to a saying: Mache chèche pa dòmi san soupe! It can be understood as ‘seek, and ye shall find.’ We believe the name fits, so that people who seek through site will find either help or a loved one.”

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