Wildcat Discovery Technologies Offers Bulk Materials and Specialty Synthesis Services via Website

Research scientists can select from a growing list of previously synthesized materials or request custom compositions of interest.

San Diego, CA, February 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a materials discovery company focused on the discovery and sale of specialty materials for advanced clean tech applications, announced today that it will leverage its high throughput bulk synthesis technology to offer specialty materials via its website. Wildcat can rapidly synthesize specific new materials of interest or produce desired materials with strictly specified particle sizes.

Wildcat can produce a wide variety of metals, oxides, and semiconducting powders in quantities from milligrams to kilograms. Potential applications include battery electrodes, hydrogen storage materials, fuel cell catalysts, thermoelectrics, refractories, metal blacks, electronic inks and others. The following material classes are just a few of the options available to accelerate customer research and development efforts:

· Metal alloys
· Ceramics
· Carbides
· Borides
· Oxides
· Compound semi-conductors
· Salts (F, Cl, Br, PO4, SO4, etc.)

High purities and tight compositional control are ensured via stringent quality controls, including: automated reagent dispensing, hermetically sealed reaction vessels, electronic tracking of reactions, and analytical characterization.

The effect of particle size and surface area on reaction rates is also of interest to many companies. In response, Wildcat can now synthesize a wide variety of materials with particle sizes from micrometers to less than 100 nanometers. Wildcat has demonstrated the ability to synthesize bulk materials in 10-20 nm increments, thereby enabling its customers to obtain material samples with specific surface area characteristics. As an extreme, Wildcat successfully reduced the particle size of CdSe to a sufficient extent to observe the quantum confinement effect.

Finally, customers can also select from a growing list of Wildcat's previously synthesized materials. These materials have already been synthesized and characterized by Wildcat’s scientists many times, free of impurities and oxygen contamination. Quantities can readily be provided from 5 to 100 grams, but are also available in kilogram amounts if needed. For a list of available compounds and more information, please visit the company’s website at www.wildcatdiscovery.com.

About Wildcat Discovery Technologies
Wildcat Discovery Technologies is engaged in the discovery and sale of specialty materials for clean tech energy applications; particularly batteries. Utilizing combinatorial chemistry pioneered in the life sciences field, Wildcat has developed proprietary high throughput synthesis and testing tools that enable it to rapidly synthesize and evaluate thousands of new materials. All materials are produced in bulk quantities and tested in actual functioning devices (e.g. actual battery cells). As a result, Wildcat’s scientists can screen thousands of unique materials in the time it takes most research labs to evaluate only a handful.

Wildcat Discovery Technologies
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