Eco-Friendly URL Shortening Service with Live Traffic Stats – is a great eco-friendly URL shortener, aimed at providing trackable and secure short URLs to help web servers save space on web cache, reduce server costs, and help web surfers track their favorite long URL's that may be too long to write down.

Chicago, IL, February 12, 2010 --( With the rapid spread of technology, IT companies have to be concerned with the effects of continuously adding new network hardware components. These components require an abundant use of energy to power and keep cool. As the need and desire for increased technological items increases, the usage of energy and storage required will increase substantially. Estimates predict that e-paper will soon cost less then real paper, but there is still a ways to go.

A new website,, was recently launched, which plans on helping out by shortening long URLs into shorter ones. This will help by reducing the cache size, length of log files, and size of backups on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Their servers will not require as many ASCII characters in their enormously large cache files, which in turn will greatly reduce overhead, resulting in less servers needed to be powered on.

With, URL’s are only a mere twenty characters long, and not only saving space in the top three search giant’s machines, but also dramatically reducing the need for more power to run those servers. In a 2007 report filed by the EPA, “..annual energy consumption from data centers in the U.S. exceeds that of 5.7 million American households.” Now, in 2010, that number has definitely increased, and doing small things to reduce energy use will be very important in our planet’s future. strives to help produce more Green URL’s to be more eco-friendly for our planet. It is worth a try today, since it’s completely free.

Sagar Pandya