Fitness Author Chronicles His Personal Fat Loss Journey

Stockton, CA, October 28, 2006 --( Internationally recognized fitness expert and author, Travis Speegle, is going from fat to fit in a month. What started out as a private and personal fat loss journey has turned into a very public fat loss diary.

As with many business owners, Travis has been busy over the past year opening Fitness Together, a private training facility in Stockton, and consulting with various fitness companies nationwide. While developing new business opportunities, he realized that his fitness levels had slipped to an unacceptable level for a fitness expert. "I have to admit, I am human," says Travis. This put Travis on the fast track for gaining muscle and losing fat.

He decided to share his fat loss journey with his Fitness Together clients as a way to motivate and inspire them. "I want our clients to realize that even fitness experts have to work hard to lose weight. It takes a 24 hour-a-day commitment to your goal, not just 3-5 hours a week," says Travis.

On October 17th, he started a weblog entitled, "Time to Practice What I Preach." The positive feedback from clients and friends about his willingness to share his fat loss journey has been overwhelming. Clients like Kimberly Imm have even started sharing the weblog link with her friends; "You think all those fitness people are perfect and they never understand how hard it is for everyday people to lose weight. Travis's blog has me laughing and saying 'Yes, now you know how I feel!'" Kimberly also admits that the blog is helping her stay on her nutrition program. "I feel like I have additional support for my diet."

You can follow Travis' fat loss journey and enjoy the good, the bad, and the ugly involved with Travis' training and diet program through his blog,

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