New Cooking Show Features Sugar-Free Baking, Naturally - Completely Safe and Healthy Option for Diabetics, Sugar Addicts & Lovers

New Yrok, NY, February 13, 2010 --( Just in time for Valentine’s Day, A Girl Named Guy Productions launches a new cooking show featuring sugar-free baking. No calories, no chemicals, no worries. Host Leah Guy shares the kitchen with celebrity guest Jim O’Connor to make sweet treats with zero sugar. Leah highlights the natural and safe product called ZSweet – a sugar substitute containing erythritol – to make sugar-free sugar cookies, along with hot chocolate milk and homemade whipped cream.

“ZSweet lets us take sugar-free baking to a whole new level of health,” says Guy. “Being an extremely ‘sugar sensitive’ person, I haven’t been able to enjoy cookies or desserts for a long time, because of the chemicals, after-tastes and/or the risk of knowing what that ‘food’ is going to do to my body, immediately or in the long run.”

ZSweet, made from sugar by a natural fermenting process, offers a unique product in that there is no change in glycemic index, no chemicals, no calories, no GMO’s and no allergens. They are one of the very few products on the market that have been successful with a truly healthy sugar substitute, and a great taste to match. Many people who use natural or commercial sugar substitutes comment on the taste, the after-taste or the confusion about using the products in recipes. ZSweet has it figured out as a one-to-one ratio of product to sugar when baking. “I am in love with ZSweet. I can’t even believe that I can bake a cake and eat it too! It’s changed my entire world – no guilt, no weight gain, no moodiness – I am so grateful and want to tell everyone (that has these issues) about ZSweet. That’s why I produced this new show.”

TV food personality Jim O’Connor knows a thing or too about food and was amazed at the taste and quality. “Honest to God, this whipped cream with ZSweet tastes just like whipped cream I’ve made with real sugar!”

Leah Guy is a Producer, TV Host, Writer and passionista for inspired, healthy living. She is the Editor-In-Chief of, Host & Executive producer of, author of Life's a Gift, and Sexy Secrets for Radiant Beauty, Naturally, and her column, Sage Advice, is published monthly. She works with many companies as a producer for original, fresh content. In 2006 she created A Girl Named Guy Productions to serve the growing demand for holistic living content and hasn’t slept since.

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