Release of Full Color Abraham Lincoln Prints at Cal State University for Lincoln Birthday Commemoration

California State Univeristy, Hayward is presenting a large collection of digital color photographs of President Abraham in commemoration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, Feb 12 2010.

Fremont, CA, February 13, 2010 --( The famed 16th President’s photographs and prints are being presented in full color at the Special Collections at the California State University East Bay - Hayward. In addition, a display of Color of Lincoln photos has been erected for the Lincoln birthday anniversary by the History Department in Meiklejohn Hall on the 4th floor at the Hayward, California Campus.

Bryan Eaton is the creator and copyright-owner of these photographs and prints, and the digital colorization of the original black-and-white photographs took 5 years to complete. The Abraham Lincoln photographs are part of the book Color of Lincoln, written by Bryan Eaton and Lee Rizio, and have also been featured in the Lincoln Presidential Library. They were also featured on the Lincoln Bicentennial Inaugural fundraising T-shirts, which are currently available at The Lincoln images may also be viewed at

These digital color images of President Lincoln and the Color of Lincoln book have been praised by Lincoln scholars as “…very beautiful indeed. I found it in time to mention it in the next issue of the Lincoln Forum Bulletin. Congrats again.” Harold Holtzer. Dr Ron Reitveld, Ph.D., professor emeritus at California State University Fullerton and Lincoln Scholar remarked, “What a fantastic collection of Lincoln photos in color.” Dr James Cornelius Ph.D., Curator of the Lincoln Collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library states: “I applaud his technical prowess, his organizational acumen, and his artistic aplomb in bringing Abraham Lincoln’s immemorial visage into the 21st Century. The book is a substantial contribution to the history of photography, of colorization, and of Lincoln iconography.”

Bryan Eaton is continuing his work in digital colorization of other civil era photographs in addition to Abraham Lincoln. He also intends to continue writing more books on the subject of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. The current book, Color of Lincoln provides a new look at some of the more debatable topics with regards to the life of Abraham Lincoln. The reader is taken on intimate and interesting events surrounding Lincoln’s life, relationship, his unique personality and religious beliefs. His tumultuous marriage to Mary Todd Lincoln is explored, as well as his true religious beliefs, the personal events that unfolded at Gettysburg, and Lincoln’s astute use of photography in his political campaign.

Ultimately, “Color of Lincoln” brings his legacy to life through interesting and unusual facts, anecdotes and color photography. For more information about the Abraham Lincoln photographs and book in color, please visit If you have any questions on the project Bryan Eaton may be contacted at 650-862-8133.

Color of Lincoln, Inc.
Natalie Chan