Powerful New Talent-Matching Technology Turns Recruitment on Its Head

New recruitment model is not candidate or employer biased. Neither is it a job board and, as you’ll see, there are no jobs listed on their website. For Direct Hire are offering something different, something better – something that looks set to turn current recruitment practices on its head.

London, United Kingdom, February 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Employers save up to 80%

Candidates go straight to shortlist

No matter on which side of the interview desk you’re sitting, the business of recruitment can seem overly-complicated, expensive and extremely tedious.

As a job applicant you have to trudge to interview after interview in a seemingly never-ending elimination process. And sometimes you can’t help wondering if your agency even read your CV or if they have just sent you along to make up the numbers.

As an employer you have to conduct interview after interview, often with unsuitable applicants. Don’t agencies vet candidates any more? They ought to do – they charge enough!

At last, someone has faced the issues, and turned traditional recruitment methods on their head.

For Direct Hire – for direct success
Using their own (often frustrating) experiences as a starting point, OraRuth Rother and Marc Mapes put their heads together and streamlined the process for both employers and candidates.

For Direct Hire is a very simple concept, but it’s brilliantly effective for all parties. It employs an advanced system of behavioural testing to assess both the attitude and the aptitude of candidates, as well as their skills and experience.

It then uses a similarly sophisticated test to evaluate the requirements of the role and the future aspirations and expectations of the employers.

Here’s the ingenious part. FDH then takes both sets of data and employs their own, exclusive, HireMatch™ technology to align candidates to roles. The benefits are significant – and startling.

Immediate savings for companies and long term success

Because candidates are assessed via a scientific online competency assessment, designed in association with SHL (one of the world leaders in people performance) they can then be HireMatch™ed accurately to specific roles.

Even at this early stage employers will already be aware of how well candidates will fit the role and organisational landscape, and positively identify with them. This means they’re likely to stay the course, long term – contributing significantly to a company’s success and dramatically reducing expensive churn.

Employers save in the short term too. FDH operates on an initial membership fee that entitles the company to unlimited usage. There is a single, flat placement fee that can work out as little as 20% of normal costs. And it is only payable when the employer actually hires a candidate, so it’s a no-lose system.

There’s another benefit - since ‘percentage of salary’ fee doesn’t apply, the company’s choice isn’t limited by price.

A shortcut to the shortlist for candidates
There is no back burner. A small registration fee entitles each candidate to a personal, scientifically-based, psychometric screening questionnaire based on 20 key competencies. Plus unlimited HireMatch™ing for six months – that’s equivalent of under £1 a week – so every time a high-scoring match between employer and employee is found, the candidate is shortlisted for the appropriate job.

No more rounds of elimination interviews. No more agency subjectivity. No more making up the numbers or being sent for jobs that don’t match personal ambitions or core abilities. Candidates will only be contacted directly by companies who are genuinely interested in them. Think how much time and expense that saves!

For further information on any of the above please visit the pre-launch website or to request our ‘full fat’ press release contact Marc Mapes marc@fordirecthire.com or OraRuth Rother oraruth@fordirecthire.com

Opportunity To Join Free : Register Now – UK only companies and candidates are invited to take part in a pre-launch test. Simply visit the holding page at www.fordirecthire.com and register your interest. Spaces are limited, however on launch a special low introductory rate will still be available.

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