Sustainable Sourcing Announces Launch of Organic, Himalayan Bath Salt Line

Great Barrington, MA, February 14, 2010 --( Sustainable Sourcing, a Massachusetts company known for their exquisite Himalayan salt line, HimalaSalt™, has announced the launch of a new line of organic, Himalayan bath products, HimalaRose™.

Founder and president of Sustainable Sourcing, Melissa Kushi, set out help consumers enjoy the pristine healing ritual of ancient Himalayan seawater's pure essential minerals in the comfort of their own homes. When it comes to restoring balance, bathing and the use of water have been part of ceremonial rituals for purification and beauty since ancient times. Kushi experienced in childhood how profound an effect bathing rituals can have on our well-being. With a continued commitment to bringing consumers the highest quality, natural products for optimal vitality, Sustainable Sourcing strives to offer the healthiest option in luxurious relaxation and gentle detox with the new HimalaRose Healing Rituals bath salts.

“When I was a child, I used to spend all summers and holidays with my great-grandmother in her wooded cottage in the Mississippi Delta,” recalls Kushi. “She had gardens of flowers, food, fruits and cascading roses towering over fences and trellises, and a hand pump for well water in the back yard. Every morning, we would pump a large tin washtub full of water at the well and let it sit in the sun all day to warm. After an early supper, while the whippoorwills were singing, she'd go to the fence and gather handfuls of rose petals and sprinkle them in my bath. That's why I named this line HimalaRose. She'd then sit on the porch and play her 12-string steel guitar and sing while I bathed. I thought everyone grew up like that until I got older. I believe that everyone should be able to have that kind of love and experience.”

HimalaRose™ Healing Rituals bath salts contain abundant minerals and trace elements that are necessary for health and well-being. HimalaRose deeply penetrates to gently purify toxins, release tension and stress, moisturize skin and nurture the spirit. HimalaRose is 100% certified organic and combines the finest grain Himalayan salt with the relaxing scent of lavender or rose petal. HimalaRose Healing Rituals™ are 100% certified organic and available in Lavender, using Lavender Mallet, the highest grade of lavender essential oil available, or Rose which is delicately scented with organic rose petals.

To accompany their healing line of bath salts, Sustainable Sourcing has revealed Hand-Carved Himalayan Salt Massage Stones for rejuvenation and remineralization. The Massage Stones are used for exfoliating, mineralizing, gently detoxifying, and ultimate deep relaxation. Stones can be heated for a therapeutic massage and also chilled to help alleviate sports injury, pain, stiffness or swelling. Since ancient times, massage has been used to create a state of well-being, to strengthen tone and relax muscles, stimulate the lymph system, the body’s natural defense against toxins, and to reduce stress while improving clarity, focus and a deeper sleep.

Sustainable Sourcing has always taken pride in providing consumers healthy, pure and natural products and the HimalaRose™ Healing Rituals bath salts and HimalaRose Healing Rituals Massage Stones is no exception. The entire line is 100% organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and void of additives. The products are available individually or also as part of Sustainable Sourcing’s zero-carbon, organic gift sets that are all 100% Green e-Certified wind power and packaged in Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified gift boxes. Sustainable Sourcing is continually looking for ways to improve the world and generously gives 5% of their profits to environmental causes.

Sustainable Sourcing is happy to be participating in the upcoming Expo West on March 12 - 14, 2010, at the Anaheim Expo Center in Anaheim, California. They will occupy booth #4487 and would be happy to answer questions on their entire line of products. Additional information on the HimalaRose™ line can be found online at Products are available for purchase online at, and are available at Whole Foods, Wegman’s Fresh Markets and other natural and gourmet stores.

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