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Anger Management Guru Offers Anger Management Coaching for Line Staff

George Anderson has modified his groundbreaking Executive Coaching/Anger Management program for use specifically with Employer-mandates who face the possibility of termination.

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2010 --( George Anderson, Executive Director of Anderson & Anderson-the Trusted Name in Anger Management, has designed a modified version of his “Disruptive Physician” program in order to meet the needs of problem employees from different businesses who face possible termination. Frequently, Human Resource Managers are in need of intervention for employees whose overt behavior is considered hostile, aggressive and damaging to workplace morale and performance. The requested anger management intervention is often needed on an urgent basis, as the employee may have been placed on suspension until he or she has completed an anger management course. Since the suspension is usually without pay and can lead to termination if not resolved quickly, it is imperative that the employee complete the intervention program immediately.

The new Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Coaching Program is a one-on-one process between the employee mandate and the anger management coach. In similarity to the current Executive Coaching/Anger Management program for “Disruptive Physicians”, this modified program will consist of a comprehensive assessment, followed by twelve anger management sessions provided over a two or three-day period. These sessions are available Monday through Friday at times convenient for the client. Each participant will receive a copy of the Anderson & Anderson client workbook Gaining Control of Ourselves, as well as a copy of the Gaining Control of Ourselves DVD. The Anderson & Anderson CASE model will be utilized during the twelve-session process, which includes enhancing Communication skills, Anger Management skills, Stress Management skills, and increasing Emotional Intelligence (or Empathy).

At the request of the Employer or the Employee, Anderson & Anderson is prepared to offer aftercare upon completion of the initial twelve sessions. According to Mr. Anderson, this optional portion of the program will remain consistent with the aftercare offered in the Executive Coaching/Anger Management program for “Disruptive Physicians” - the client can meet in person or via phone with the anger management coach at twice per month for six months. Alternate arrangements can be requested by the client, and will be made at the discretion of Anderson & Anderson. Anderson & Anderson staff are available to answer any questions via phone or by e-mail. They can be reached by calling 310-207-3591 or by visiting the Anderson & Anderson web site.

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