Walk the Dream: Filmmakers Walk from NYC to Hollywood

Young Adults Walk in Pursuit of Their Dreams, Raise Awareness for Independent Film; Non-Profit Documentary to Chronicle Journey

Rochester, NY, February 15, 2010 --(PR.com)-- America’s youth is in need of inspiration. Beginning April 11, 2010, four filmmakers in their twenties will walk over 3000 miles in order to promote independent films. Blake Wink, Sara Klem, Dan Petracca, and Joshua VanBuskirk will interview both celebrities and locals throughout the journey; from those who have achieved everything they've set out to do, to those whose endeavors have not yet come to fruition, the four hope to find insight as to how they may fulfill their own dreams and inspire others to follow their lead. The team will walk from New York City to Los Angeles, CA over a period of 215 days.

Through the use of social networking and viral media, the Walk the Dream team has already amassed a nation-wide fan base. The team uses such methods to directly interact with their fans, creating a community experience for the film. Fans are encouraged to share their ideas for what they would like to see in the documentary, which range from route additions to interview suggestions.

Keeping with fan interactivity, Walk the Dream's official website (walkthedreamusa.com) features updates and journals written by the team members, which also include producers Brett Benson, Holly Nickeson, and Tim Schroth. Along with the official site, the team regularly reaches out to their fans on Facebook (facebook.com/walkthedream).

Walk the Dream has caught the eye of several corporate sponsors, including Clarks shoes, Maui Jim sunglasses, Naneu bags, and Gitzo tripods. All donations are tax deductible, and profits from the documentary go to Rochester Movie Makers, a Rochester, NY based charity group dedicated to educating and providing for aspiring filmmakers (rochestermoviemakers.org).

With a proposed 2011 release date, the Walk the Dream team has a long journey ahead of them. Read more about their adventure at http://walkthedreamusa.com. The official site offers team journals, an interactive route and map, as well as pictures, videos, and exclusive behind the scenes content.


To learn more about Walk the Dream or to schedule an interview with a team member, please email Brett Benson at brett@walkthedreamusa.com or call 323-761-9255.
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