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Akron, OH, October 30, 2006 --( is cutting through the chase. This newly launched niche online dating site has already streamlined the process of finding your match. If you have tried sifting through thousands of profiles only to find someone that has nothing remotely in common with your love for drag racing, cars or hotrods then is for you. You will always have something in common.

Let’s take an example: If a man’s true hobby is drag racing, and his dream would be to find a partner who shares this interest with a passion, he is more likely to find such a person via that clearly attracts people who are interested in drag racing and similar pursuits.

The new really successful dating sites are tending to have a focus on a particular market segment, or a niche, and this is made clear by the design/name of, the members they attract, and all their marketing materials. Devoting time and attention to becoming the number one site for drag racing, is proven to increase member retention and repeat business ten-fold, in comparison with the more mainstream sites.

As the online dating industry matures, and it becomes increasingly common-place for ordinary people to seek friends and lovers via internet dating sites, the average user is becoming much more discerning. He or she does not want to waste time joining sites that offer little chance of meeting his/her individual specific needs/wants in a friend or a partner.

Everyone boasts about profile matching and detail specific searching, but with, you know the bottom line is you are starting off with something in common. See ya at the strip.

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Antonia Snell