Author to Flip the Ink on the Paranormal World

Ghost Author to turn the table on paranormal personalities.

Inland Empire, CA, February 19, 2010 --( Paranormal mystery author Elizabeth Eagan-Cox has added a new feature to her Web site: Flip the Ink. As she explains: "To flip the ink means to turn the tables. In this case I’m going to FLIP the INK on paranormal personalities who have extended professional courtesy to me. I’m interviewing them!"

Every third Friday of a month is Flip the Ink Friday. Eagan-Cox will publish a tell-all interview about a personality in the paranormal community. "I will have interviews with people who take the paranormal seriously, believer or skeptic, makes no difference. I’ll interview a variety of personalities, including paranormal investigators and others, such as a paranormal cartoonist, a paranormal travel specialist, radio hosts and media experts of paranormal topics who are not investigators but present the myriad angles and aspects of the paranormal culture."

Launch date for the first Flip the Ink is February 19th and the interview will remain on Eagan-Cox’s Web site until the third Friday of March.

The interview on February 19 is with Jon Almada of Ghost Rider Investigations ‘GRI’; Almada is also the host of GRI radio program. Eagan-Cox says, "Selecting Jon as my first Flip the Ink interview was a no-brainer. Not only have I been a guest on his radio program, I have turned to Jon for advice on EVPs. Jon’s expertise of EVP detection and analysis is clearly evident in his development of instructional materials on the topic."

Elizabeth Eagan-Cox is quick to add "There’s a lighter side to the paranormal world, and my second guest for Flip the Ink interview is a superb example, she’s a cartoonist! Terri J. Garofalo is a lady who not only takes the paranormal seriously, but she’s finds the funny bones in the ghosts that haunt our daily lives. Terri’s cartoons lend a slice-of-life perspective with a paranormal angle." Elizabeth will Flip the Ink on Terri on March 19.

A new Flip the Ink interview is posted the third Friday of each month on Eagan-Cox’s Web site. It’s a free read, no strings attached, no sign-up, no registration:

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