Introducing HoldIT (TM) v2.01 Litigation Hold (Legal Hold) & Custodian Management SaaS Solution from CaseGuard Technologies, Inc.

CaseGuard delivers SaaS solutions to customers seeking alternatives to installing and maintaining litigation management applications on-site. CaseGuard's software products offer many advantages without the IT resource drain of the traditional installation model.

Arlington, VA, February 20, 2010 --( Issuing, implementing, and supervising even one litigation hold (legal hold) is an administrative challenge; tracking multiple, often overlapping holds increases the complexity of complying with anti-spoliation legal duties. The right software solution will enable counsel to qualify custodians and track each litigation hold from issuance and custodian acknowledgment through eventual rescission of the hold order - and can automate the process of providing legal teams with acknowledgment status and reminder notices to appropriate custodians. Perhaps most importantly, sound process-solutions demonstrate a good faith effort to meet anti-spoliation duties across the range of reasonably anticipated and active matters.

• Compliant. Audit reports track notification workflow and escalate non-acknowledgment in real-time. Automates custodian qualification to enhance process soundness.

• Economical. Web-based software as a service means the customer only pays for the compliance needed. Allocate costs internally across matters or budgets.

• Easy. With no software to install or maintain, the customer can qualify custodians, issue holds, automate notifications, and track compliance from day one.

1. Automate Notification Workflows: HoldIT enables legal teams to design, automate, and monitor notifications and acknowledgments based on the needs of each case.

• Design and issue holds notices to potential custodians
• Track holds and acknowledgments across multiple custodians and matters
• Qualify custodians using included VettaTM questionnaire functionality
• Automate and customize preservation reminders
• Escalate non-acknowledgment through system defined alerts

2. Access Real-Time Reports and Audits On-Demand: HoldIT provides intuitive, web-based dashboards with reporting options that enable counsel to track each legal hold from issuance and custodian acknowledgment through eventual rescission of the hold order.

• Real-time reporting on:
- matters
- notification efforts
- custodian acknowledgments
- responses

• Audit trail for changes to:
- hold notices
- notification processes
- custodians
- matter owners and key stakeholders
- hold rescission

3. Establish Organizational Collaboration: HoldIT role provisioning functionality allows groups within the organization and outside counsel to collaborate on the management of key custodians and retention of case essential documents.

• Legal departments. Create team member roles and assign hold management privileges and responsibilities.

• Outside counsel. Enable outside council to view hold status, collaborate on design of custodian questionnaires, and view acknowledgments and questionnaire responses.

• Human resources and IT departments. Share visibility on employees and matters subject to litigation hold.

4. Receive Alerts on Process Compliance Milestones: HoldIT alert systems support anti-spoliation needs by automatically track and escalating for review key process milestones in notification and custodian qualification. Alert systems actively monitor hold activities across a range of process milestones including:

• lack of acknowledgments
• impending hold expirations
• custodian responses to flagged issues

About CaseGuard

CaseGuard specializes in providing intuitive, secure, and affordable litigation hold (legal hold) solutions that allow customers to achieve efficiency and compliance from day one. Each of the company's solutions is:

• designed to address different needs

• be flexible to match the customer's actual litigation volume, and

• structured to allow legal teams to allocate cost of compliance across budgets, matters, departments or divisions.

The mission at CaseGuard is not simply to deliver software, but to deliver real value - giving the company the ability to offer customers a true edge in eDiscovery compliance and litigation management with solutions that are accessible anytime and anywhere. CaseGuard is a provider of pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) to Fortune 500 and small-to-mid cap organizations and other institutions.

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