Omnikron Introduces Temporary Worker Program

New Program Speeds the Hiring of Temporary Workers Increases Productivity, Boosts Local Employment

Los Angeles, CA, February 21, 2010 --( Omnikron Systems, Inc., a nationally recognized provider of IT training and consulting services, recently introduced a special program in Los Angeles designed to place qualified temporary workers in businesses within 48-72 hours. Begun in February, Omnikron’s “TempMatch100” program is designed to cut hiring costs and increase company productivity while putting residents back to work as quickly as possible. Omnikron’s goal is to place 10-20 workers per month in temporary positions.

With TempMatch100, businesses can add temporary workers for only $10.00 above cost. If business improves and companies want to hire the workers, they can do so after only 80 days for free. Types of jobs covered in the program include:

· Accounting/bookkeepers
· Project coordinators
· Administrative people
· Tech support/helpdesk workers
· Network administrators
· Technical writers
· Junior web administrators
· Junior technical programmers
· Project managers
· Contract negotiators
· Graphic designers and marketing specialists

Los Angeles has been hit hard by the economic downturn. Results of a study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to Employment Spectator, shows employment declined in 324 U.S. counties from June 2008 to June 2009. Los Angeles County topped the list. Employment was down by 256,700 jobs. Hiring temporary workers provides businesses with flexibility. Temps can be easily shed if demand slows again. But for now, it appears Temp hiring is on the rise because last month 52,000 temps were added.

“Hiring temporaries is a good sign. It suggests employers may be willing to take the next step and hire workers permanently. As demand rose in the recessions of the early 1990s and 2001, employers added temps for two or three months before hiring permanent workers. Now temp hiring has risen four months in a row and the economy seems to be growing,” says Basu Ghosh, founder/CEO, Omnikron Systems, Inc.

Businesses taking part in TempMatch 100 must provide Omnikron with a list of worker qualifications, pay rate, and responsibilities. Omnikron sends the business three qualified candidates for the position. After selecting one, the business and the worker agree on specific employment details. TempMatch100 is part of Omnikron’s ProMatch100 program, which matches qualified volunteers with local companies to implement key projects.

“Many companies look to Omnikron for technology training or high-end consulting,” says Robin Borough, executive vice president, Omnikron Systems, Inc. “But we've been in the personnel business for over 30 years. And we’ve been through four recessions. We know what we’re doing when it comes to helping businesses meet personnel needs in bad times. In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals make it through tough times,” she adds.

For more information about TempMatch100, contact Robin Borough, executive vice president, Omnikron Systems, Inc., Tel: (818) 223-4115 Cell: (818) 618-7848. E-mail:

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