Maikranz Promo Offers Olympic Discount on All Fruit of the Loom Orders

The Maikranz Promo Company has decided to make it brief in showing their support for the US Olympic teams by offering 10% off all orders for Fruit of the Loom.

Auburn, AL, February 21, 2010 --( It is hard for the Maikranz Promo Company to not be brief in their support of the US Olympic teams considering the promo company’s desire to be the best at all they do. Because of their patriotic style, forward thinking business acumen, and deeply discounted pricing they are now offering all who place orders threw their online platform a 10% discount on any Olympic promo or fruit of the loom product purchase. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this offer simply needs to refer to promo code ‘MB1’ when ordering. Maikranz Promo hopes their affordable pricing, extensive product lists and shipping convenience will stand to set them apart from their competition. Maikranz Promo remains a client driven business focused on their base, clubs and organizations searching for a multitude of products and promotional materials of all sorts for their association and/or cause. presents a multi-platform product list to their clients of: apparel, drink ware, key chains, writing instruments, post it notes, etc. As well as the ability to create a customized logo for implementation into the products to which their clients purchase. From the inception of the company, efforts have remained constant to cater towards those searching for great products at a great price without having to make bulk orders. With this in mind, the company hopes their newly launched website will be the primary tool of their clients, offering them the ability to review, design, and purchase their products at anytime of day, any day of the week without the hassles involved in physically visiting a company’s store site.

The Maikranz Promo Company caters to everyone looking for superior products at reasonable rates. Culminating in a company that caters to local and nationwide groups wanting to advertise while remaining cost conscious. Another primary focus is on impeccable quality of products and service, Maikranz Promo hopes their website will continue to provide quality promotional products, while generating a substantial branding mark and educating others on the inherent benefits of promotional marketing.

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