Committed Living launches "Total Immersion Creativity Retreats" for Women in Business

Being Creative in today's economy, as well as the rapidly changing future of America's businesses, creativity is an imperative skill needed in business and in our personal lives. Committed Living Org. is offering "Total Immersion Creativity" retreats and workshops designed specifically for women in business. The retreats include creativity tools and exercises for all aspects of a person's life, including culture, cuisine, right brain workouts and creativity through art and writing and more.

Ashland, OR, February 22, 2010 --( Launches the "Total Immersion Creativity" retreats and workshops for business women. What Committed Living founder, Darla Anderson has done is created a specialized retreat for women that evolves entirely on the Creativity process of the "Right Brain", using exercises, tools and other activities that increases and strengthens the right side of the brain. The premise is that once the right side of the brain is exercised on a regular basis, it becomes stronger and more developed, in turn the person has quicker access to being creative. This enables them to come up with new solutions to business problems, create new innovative products, find creative ways of doing business in today's slumping economy as well as in America's future business climate. Committed Living takes the creativity training a step farther than most Creativity Coaching, by including other major aspects of life; culture and cuisine. Exploring and participating in regional creative culture as well as creative culinary cuisine. By adding these additional elements of the Creativity Process into the retreats, Committed Living is giving it's participants the "Total Package" when it comes to Creativity Training. For more information on Committed Living "Total Immersion Creativity Retreats and Workshops, go to:

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