Peter Cennamo of Trumatech is Poised to End the Nation's Energy Crises

Houston Based Engineering Firm, Headed up by Peter Cennamo, Plans to Lower the Nations Energy Consumption Through Their New Line of Energy Control Systems

Houston, TX, February 24, 2010 --( Trumatech's CEO, Peter Cennamo is determined to make a difference with its energy management products designed to manage energy usage, soon to launch in Spring 2010. The US consumes of 25 percent of the World's Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas. "It is time that we start being more careful about the types of energy we use, as well as the amounts we use", says Peter Cennamo, Trumatech CEO. Trumatech has been developing new energy control systems for the past three years. "With more than three years in the making, and my having seen this dream come to light, I am confident that we lower energy consumption one household at a time", said Cennamo.

Although the company's new controls will only be available for new constructions this upcoming Spring, Trumatech is developing a new line of energy controls that will be able to be installed in existing homes in the coming months.

About Trumatech:

Trumatech is a developer and marketer of high quality energy efficient environmental technology. From energy management controls for freeze protection and temperature management applications to pressurization systems for satellite and microwave transmission lines, Trumatech has over 15 years of experience. Headed by CEO, R. Peter Cennamo, Trumatech is located in Houston, Texas.

Peter Cennamo