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The Synowledge Webinar Series offers regular Webinar Programs on subjects pertaining to the Life Sciences industry, specifically dealing with Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety. The foundation of these Webinars is based on Scientific, Technical and Administrative topics that are aimed to help Life Sciences organizations.

Stamford, CT, February 24, 2010 --( Synowledge LLC launched the Synowledge Webinar Series in December, 2009. The program offers the latest information, news and trends in the areas of Pharmacovigilance and Information Technology for the life sciences industry.

David Ingraham Director-Marketing, says, “The Synowledge Webinar Series is an unprecedented source of communication for those interested in the latest trends of Pharmacovigilance and ITS best practices.”

With Webinar Programs scheduled monthly, the focus of The Synowledge Webinar Series is to provide tailored knowledge to help build efficiency and productivity in operations throughout the Life Sciences industry. The technological know-how and industry knowledge at Synowledge allows for high quality information to be accessed in a convenient and interactive webinar format at no cost to the attendee.

The webinars are aimed towards professionals involved in –
Clinical Safety/Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Medical product safety assessment, Pharmacoepidemology, Clinical Research, Risk Management Strategy Development, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Medical Information, Safety Data Management/Analysis, IT Departments.

Webinars till date

Signal Detection – The Fundamentals of Signal Detection and Data Mining,
Presented by – Jacinta Aniagolu, Director, Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management, Drug Safety and Clinical Solutions.

This webinar presented exploratory strategies that support routine signal detection and the fundamentals of statistical data mining approaches applied in screening spontaneous databases. The Learning points of the webinar also included –

- Descriptive visualization-based signal detection approaches to screening spontaneous adverse reports
- Overview of statistical detection methods currently used to screen spontaneous databases for drug-event associations (DEAs) to generate hypotheses on specific drug event association pair of interest
- Practical examples of application of specific signal detection methods in a regulatory spontaneous database to compute signals of disproportionate reporting.
- Other steps to hypothesis generation post statistical signal detection: performing review of individual Case Safety Reports and aggregate case data.


“I thought the webinar went extremely well, in all aspects: the communication leading up to the webinar as well as the logistics/delivery of the educational content on the day.”

“Interestingly it was my first external Webinar and found it to be very informative; Jacinta's approach was practical and applicable to a variety of settings.”

“Jacinta’s presentation was truly fantastic. She’s a great speaker.”

Webinars in line –

Application and Infrastructure Management Webinar – the strategies and solutions for swift management and maintenance of IT infrastructure for Life Sciences organizations.

Presenter – Mr. Ashok Katti, Senior Director, Global Delivery

The Application and Infrastructure Management Webinar will focus on lowering IT and application administration costs, maximizing value by increasing productivity of users and systems while ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies.

The webinar will discuss in detail–
- Application Support
- Release and Change Management
- Database Administration
- User Management
- Configuration Management
- Reports Development and Deployment
- Query Development
- Dictionary Management
- Release Management
- IT Services
- Disaster Recovery

About Synowledge -
Synowledge is a fast-growing Pharmacovigilance and IT Service provider for Life Sciences organizations. Based in Stamford CT, USA and having a delivery center in Bangalore, India, Synowledge offers comprehensive outsourcing solutions – onshore and offshore. Focus at Synowledge is to deliver world-class solutions in the areas of Drug Safety and Information Technology for Life Sciences Organizations.

Service domains at Synowledge are classified as –

KPO Services - Regulatory Compliance, Safety Case Management, Periodic Submissions, Signal Detection IT Services –Application Development, Application Management, Database Services and Business Intelligence, ERP Services.

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