Reviews the LG 47 SL 9000

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Edgware, United Kingdom, February 24, 2010 --( Owing to an extensive experience in the field of consumer electronics, the test team at reviewed and tested the LG 47 SL 9000 full HD LCD TV leveraging cutting edge objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis. Scoring 7.4 points on a scale of 10, the LG 47 incher fared reasonably well in the “Editor’s Rating” segment. The review praises the television set for its excellent motion clarity, loads of picture settings, low power consumption and accurate 24p reproduction. A balance in also maintained in the review by candidly pointing out the areas which didn’t meet the testing team’s expectations such as bluish residual illumination, weak sound from the built-in speakers, way too little contrast and a reflective front panel. Florian Friedrich,’s editor in chief said: “The LG 47 SL 9000 is a decently good TV with a number of rich features but also is a big let down for the home cinema fans with its extremely low contrast ratio.”

The later part of the detailed review dwells on the positives of the LG TV set by describing its multimedia capabilities that support photos, .mp3 music and video files that also include DivX-HD videos. It also includes a Bluetooth feature that allows transfer of photos or facilitates music playback through a Bluetooth headset. The review showers praise on the extensive number of picture controls that would delight hard-core video enthusiasts. The test team was happy with the aesthetically designed remote control along with the backlight that allowed easy visibility in dark environments. The test team found that digital cable reception worked only if the country was set to Norway or Finland and that the doubled up AV modes were far too complicated. Suggestions are also incorporated for the “isf Expert1” with the “AV Mode” switched off for the brightest and the best picture quality with low power consumption. The analogue and digital signal receptions provide excellent picture quality with flicker free picture even during camera pans. The most irritating feature if any of the LG 47 SL 9000, according to the test team, is its reflective glass front panel. The review lavishes praise on the HDTV processing capabilities of the TV and recommends turning off the “TruMotion 100Hz” option for authentic cinema style picture. The later part of the review includes a list of ideal settings that the test team has derived for the G 47 SL 9000 by testing it in’s test theatre which provide optimum picture quality in darkened environments for HDTV/Blu-ray signals thorough an HDMI interface.

The test found the sound quality of the TV abysmal with the occasional hum and buzz included. Friedrich said: “The LG 47 SL 9000 scores high on design, picture brightness and low power consumption but disappoints in a major way on the low contrast and reflective front glass panel fronts.”

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