Airport View Creates Weather Camera Network

Weather cameras help pilots by making visible current weather conditions on the ground and in the sky. Airport View is expanding its network of weather cameras by incorporating existing cameras on the web. Camera owners can submit weather cameras in Colorado and the US Rocky Mountain region.

Loveland, CO, February 24, 2010 --( Pilots need accurate weather information to fly. In addition to the many sources of forecasts, weather cameras have become an invaluable addition to flight planning. Now, Airport View is expanding its weather camera network by asking camera owners to submit their cameras.

Airport View started the weather camera network by installing high-resolution cameras at airports in Colorado. These cameras quickly became popular web destinations for pilots using those airports. Adding more cameras helps pilots confirm conditions all along their planned flight path. The fastest way to expand the weather camera network is to add existing cameras.

“Many cameras are already out there, owned by businesses, state DOT agencies and others,” said Ray Franklin, technology director for Airport View. “Finding the right ones for flight planning can be difficult. We decided to tackle that challenge and put all the weather cameras into one place for better flight planning.”

The web site is now accepting weather camera submissions. Anyone who owns a weather camera may submit it using a simple form. A link to the form is on the home page.

Most cameras that show weather conditions are welcomed. “Our preference is for cameras that fill the frame with mostly sky,” Franklin said. “A 50-50 split is OK, and we will consider other framings if the view is of particular value to local pilots.” Visit the Airport View web site at to submit a camera.

Each camera accepted into the network has its own web page. There is room for a detailed description of the camera location and its view. Time-lapse sequences can be viewed for the last 1, 2 or 4 hours. Alongside the image viewer is a display of the current weather observations from the nearest Automated Weather Observation Station (AWOS).

In exchange for sharing the images with the network, Airport View links back to the owner’s web site of choice. Links to are also welcome. This cross-linking benefits both parties by increasing visitor traffic and page rank. The Airport View page rank has been steadily increasing since the site was launched in 2008.

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