Metropolitan Marriage and Family Therapy Creates Innovative New Program Aimed at Couples Who Are Not Yet Married

New York, NY, February 26, 2010 --( When people first start their relationships, it feels magical. Often individuals will report feeling alive, wanted and special. Soon after, those feelings start to go away and are replaced by disconnect and arguing. This program was designed for all kinds of couples who are considering getting married, are planning a wedding or are newlyweds to assist them recapture and keep the magic.

This innovative and exciting two part program (conducted on consecutive Saturdays) includes state of the art relationship concepts and technologies to assist partners learn basic relational skills and marital know-how. Any new venture has a learning curve and skills to master for it to be a successful and enjoyable. This new chapter in life is no different. As individuals embark on this new journey with their partner it's imperative to be set up for success.

Borrowing from evolutionary theory, individuals partner up to procreate and ensure survival of our species. In our more advanced times, where lives do not just revolve around ensuring basic survival, this concept can be taken a step further to include how well we procreate and what do we do in our lifetime to ensure the survival of future generations.This includes first creating a healthy, nurturing and happy family where children can be raised into differentiated, happy, healthy, well-functioning, and contributing members of our society. And, second, tapping into partnership synergy so that individuals can be real contributing members of our society.Our partnership' inherent synergy is a fabulous resource to assist in these processes. When tapped and focused it generates energy, flow and momentum for the couple that assists and promotes the achievement of anything the partners set their mind to. The sky is their limit.

For more information on this exciting two part seminar, review the Metropolitan Marriage and Family Therapy website. The practice is located in midtown Manhattan, only block from Grand Central Station.

Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC
Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT