NoStress Project. Stress Prevention Methodologies and Risk Assessment and Prevention of Work-Related Stress and Training Related Contents.

NoStress is an European Project is coordinated by AITEX and co-funded by Leonardo Agency. In this project, two more european technological institutes and three european companies are involved in this project.

Alcoy, Spain, February 27, 2010 --( In November 2009, the project NoStress started, co-funded by Leonardo Da Vinci, in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Life Program. This project arises from the fusion of the results of 2 previous projects: SPA - Stress Prevention Activities and WEST - Work Environment Screening Tool and aims to introduce developed tools in a more friendly, web-based for employers, workers, health and safety work technicians, etc.

Thus, the tool will develop 2 different interfaces:

· Employees - through 1 short questionnaire, the User will check the stress level to which he is exposed.
· Employers or hygiene and safety work technicians - the User can enter the company’s information and assess the current stress levels, and can also have access to a list of improvement actions and measures to reduce stress.

The tool will have some educational games in order to boost learning and to improve the performance of professional activities, thus increasing the learning results. Besides, it will have knowledge repository in the area of labour stress.

This project is carried out in collaboration with 4 European entities; tool is available in English and in the official language of each country of the contracting parties:

· Aitex (Spain)
· Citeve (Portugal)
· Idec (Greece)
· Sketchpixel (Portugal)

The NoStress project also aims to contribute to a Europe of knowledge through the development of collaboration area in the training field in order to promote the lifelong learning and to increase knowledge and skills to enhance the companies and their employees competitiveness. The project will also support the creation of an information society for all, promoting training and exchange of knowledge within Europe.

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