SunPal Shines Light on Realtors, Listings, and Marketing

The SunPal solar real estate sign light continues to be the most popular real estate sign light available on the market, consistently grabbing top search locations on With Hundreds and hundreds of happy, satisfied customers already using the SunPal to illuminate their listing signs, the SunPal is poised to become the greatest single marketing tool at the disposal of realtors across the country.

Bainbridge, NY, November 02, 2006 --( Silicon Solar Inc, the world’s leader in innovative solar solutions, is proud to present the “Best Marketing Product for 2005 – 2006” (according to RealtyUSA), the SunPal Solar Real Estate Light.

Designed, manufactured, and distributed by Silicon Solar Inc, the SunPal has earned critical acclaim and many excited customers who have come to realize the positive impact the SunPal has on their marketing by illuminating their yard signs all night long, effectively doubling the exposure they receive for new and existing listings.

Adam Farrell, Chairman and Owner of Silicon Solar Inc says; “The SunPal fills one of the most basic needs that realtors have in their direct marketing strategy for new and continued listings. For years, real estate listing signs were visible only during the day, when the sun was shining on them. But, we realized that those signs, a realtors most basic, and yet most important, form of direct marketing, were being wasted half of the day, more during the long nights of the winter months. The SunPal puts those signs to work 24/7, without the need for expensive electricity and replacement batteries. No realtor could ask more of their listing sign.”

Mr. Farrell, a Cornell University student, founded Silicon Solar Inc on the back bone of hard work and cutting-edge innovation. Along his trip to the top, Adam was awarded the prestigious College Entrepreneur of the Year award for innovation and advancements in the solar field. Adam took that same innovation and work ethic to the SunPal Series of solar real estate lights, offering customers exactly what they desire; the best products for their needs at the best possible prices.

The SunPal quickly caught on as the premier real estate sign light when it was unveiled last winter, and, according to Matthew Brown, Head of National Sales & Marketing for the SunPal, “the Sunpal is ready to take the real estate industry by storm. More and more realtors everywhere are beginning to realize the benefits that real estate sign lighting offers them. They are also realizing that the SunPal is not only best priced option available, it is also simply the best real estate sign light available on the market today.”

The team at the SunPal and Silicon Solar Inc are looking forward to another great year of offering the “Best Marketing Product” to every realtor doing business in the United States.

Silicon Solar Inc
Matthew Brown
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