Workforce Press Book Review: Nathalie Gosset's New Book, Hidden Jobs! How to Find Them, is Now Available at Amazon in Kindle Format

This e-book is a fresh and practical perspective on finding the hidden jobs. 65 successfully trialed templates and scripts of what to say and when have been provided to help the reader start immediately.

Thousand Oaks, CA, March 04, 2010 --( Workforce press is happy to introduce this new book available in electronic format that can be downloaded in kindle format from Amazon.

The hidden jobs include the positions that are not advertised, as well as the jobs that do not exist yet but will be created just for you. The recipe shared in this book recognizes that each person is enriched with many skills and talents. It is based on the belief that there is an ideal job awaiting everyone, even in times of market depression and high levels of unemployment. The techniques presented in this book can work for any kind of job, any level of expertise, and any market segment.

A very useful section of the book includes 65 successfully trialed templates and scripts of what to say and when that can help the reader start immediately. These scripts can be read over the phone or memorized and used during the process of creating and/or securing the job.

The “bullet” format of this guide keeps the information to the essentials and makes it easy and fast reading.

Workforce Press
Douglas Askegard