Fresh Idea For Keeping The Family Close

Tammy Bridges combines two age old solutions hugs and hand-written cards into a cute, fun product that people say really works: Paper HugTM. In coping with the speed of modern family life, dashing off to schools, tutors, sports, and work, she found that sending along positive messages to her family members made such a positive effect, she started a company for it.

San Diego, CA, July 26, 2005 --( New product Paper Hug, from first-time Entrepreneur and mother of two, Tammy Bridges, adds new dimensions to the traditional greeting card. Launched in October 2004, the 30 Paper Hug card collection comes packaged in a silk drawstring pouch with a pen and 295+ inspirational sayings and quotes. Brightly colored and cut in various shapes from kittens to sailboats, the cards carry your hand written words of affection and encouragement to loved ones and are meant to be found in unsuspecting places. At $8 a pouch (with $6 refills), Paper Hug cards cost a small fraction of standard greeting cards, and are meant to be given frequently, not just on special occasions.

The idea has been receiving rave reviews from Tammys circle of friends with children.  Tina Lang commented "Ashley gave paperhugs to her squad before competition today and everyone loved them. I need refills."  

The bright colored, cookie-cut cards with hand-written words from my wife, son, or daughter bring a warm touch to the day -- that is how they got their name" says husband Michael, software engineer and devoted father of their two children.

Carol Bittmann, MSW, a social worker for children and families, has supported the use of Paper Hug note cards, stating "receiving an unexpected note from a parent that reminds a child they are loved and are important or special just for being who they are, can help in building a child's self esteem. Research and common sense have demonstrated over and over that children who feel better about themselves tend to feel more confident and are more successful in life."

"In a world of instant messaging, dual-income households and child care, it seems that Paper Hugs renews that simple old fashioned artifact called the love note, and with it, re-doubling family bonds," says Linda Gibbins-Croft, MSW & Minister. 

Paper Hug is a 1 year old home-business owned and operated by Tammy and Michael Bridges selling Paper Hug products to consumers and retailers of all sizes, as well as fund-raising organizations. A portion of all Paper Hug proceeds are contributed to charitable organizations. For complete information and a list of its charitable contributions, refer to the website at or send an e-mail to hugs @ paperhug. com.  You may also contact Tammy Bridges, Owner of Paper Hug at 760-732-3686

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