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Anger Management Guru to be a Key Speaker at the 22nd Annual Physician Well-Being Conference

George Anderson, the Executive Director of Anderson and Anderson, will be a keynote speaker at the 22nd Annual Western States Regional Conference on Physician Well-Being, on Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

Los Angeles, CA, March 01, 2010 --( On Wednesday, May 19, 2010, George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CEAP, Executive Director of Anderson & Anderson – The Trusted Name in Anger Management, will give a presentation on Emotional Intelligence for the “Disruptive Physician”. This presentation will be given at the 22nd Annual Western States Regional Conference on Physician Well-Being, which will take place at the University of California (Riverside) Extension Center. The purpose of Mr. Anderson’s presentation, in part, is to stress the importance of Emotional Intelligence, as it relates to enhancing empathy on the part of the “Disruptive Physician”. Physician Well-Being Committee members will have a better appreciation for “Disruptive Physician” programs once they learn why Emotional Intelligence is key to maintaining a changed attitude, as well as the management of anger and stress. This presentation, along with others that will be given, is expected to put to rest the question that health care organizations have been struggling with for years: ‘How do we address and appropriately deal with the “disruptive physician”?’

The conference begins at 8:00 am on Wednesday morning, and Mr. Anderson’s presentation starts at 11:00 am. He will present for one hour. Later in the afternoon, he will be conducting one of the three concurrent workshops with one of the other key note speakers. This particular workshop will focus on Emotional Intelligence and Recovery. The audience of this conference will include Physician Well-Being Committee members, members of hospital governing boards, Chiefs of Staff, and Nursing Supervisors amongst others. Attendance, however, is not restricted to members of these positions. According to the coordinators of this event, interns, students, and residents are also encouraged to register and attend. As with the 2009 conference, a big turn-out in attendance is expected.

Those who are interested in registering for the 22nd Annual Western States Regional Conference on Physician Well-Being are asked to contact Tamme Perdue at 951-686-3342, ext 310. Those who want to learn more about George Anderson and his Executive Coaching/Emotional Intelligence program for the “Disruptive Physician” should call Anderson & Anderson at 310-207-3591. More information can also be obtained by visiting the Anderson & Anderson web site.

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