Real Fitness for Real Women: The Power of Camp BFM

Alameda, CA, March 20, 2010 --( The modern woman has many obstacles in her life. Finding the balance between work and family is hard enough, and trying to add fitness to an already hectic life can be almost overwhelming. Even for women who already have a health-conscious mindset, finding a fitness program that adequately caters to a woman's needs can be a challenge. However, the prospect of getting fit no longer needs to be overwhelming for women in the East Bay Area, with the women’s fitness group, Camp BFM.

Created for women by a woman, Camp BFM (Be A Fit mama) is a unique women's fitness boot camp located in Alameda, Ca. Offering three tailored fitness camps that appeal to women at all points in life, Camp BFM focuses on providing fun, yet challenging workouts for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Unlike some camps, which can be overly competitive, Camp BFM utilizes teamwork to motivate its participants to achieve. With professional guidance from Camp BFM founder, Kenya Moses and other top notch professional trainers; participants are guaranteed to lose up to fifteen pounds in only four weeks, all while having fun and meeting other like-minded women.

”Camp BFM teaches women how to take their bodies back for good and continue on a healthy path throughout life”, stated Camp BFM founder, Kenya Moses. “We hold our participants accountable for their goals and remind them of that every chance we get. So many women have negative experiences trying to lose weight, so they don’t believe it’s possible to accomplish it in a safe and fun manner. My goal above all else is to let every woman know that fitness is attainable, you just have to reach for it.”

The three program options at Camp BFM include the General Women’s Fitness Boot Camp, Bridal Boot Camp, and an intense Transformation Camp. Each of these programs is directed toward a specific need, making it easy for women to pick a camp that will fit perfectly into their fitness goals and lifestyle demands. The General and Bridal camps run for four weeks, the Transformation Camp for 12 weeks. Camps meet every weekday morning or evening, with a five or three day option.

The next series of fitness boot camps start April 26, 2010 and is open for registration. ”Working out can be hard and boring, or it can be challenging, fun and rewarding”, says Kenya. “I choose the latter.”

Be A Fit Mama, Inc.
Kenya Moses
(510) 764-9832