Dynamic Pressure Sensors Made Using Piezoresistive E-Fabrics

Pinole, CA, March 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Eeonyx Corporation announces the development and availability of specialty engineered conductive fabrics with pressure sensing (piezoresistive) properties for commercial and industrial markets.

Previous Eeonyx developments include engineered, electrically conductive fabrics (E-Fabrics), sold under the EeonTex™ name, for anti-static applications, such as in electronic industry clean rooms, engineered conductive fabrics with radar absorbing properties for military, low radar cross-section antennas, and fabrics used in resistive heaters.

The new piezoresistive EeonTex™ fabrics are currently used in commercial pressure-sensing devices, with rapidly growing applications in the sports and medical industries. Testing of EeonTex™ fabrics is underway in robotics, musical instruments, educational devices, safety devices, weapons training, games and toys etc.

Currently commercial pressure sensors are based on capacitors or piezoresistive films loaded with conductive particles. Piezoresistive EeonTex™ fabrics come with the following clear cut advantages over existing pressure sensing technologies.

Very fast dynamic response/recovery. EeonTex™ can be scanned at up to 400 times per second (i.e., 400 Hz). Other devices typically show significant delay in response (a few seconds) due to hysteresis (slow, variable recovery) of the elastic material.

Simple sensor design consisting of thin fabric layer(s).
Stretchable and pliable fabric that can conform to complex 3d surfaces.
Cost effective and highly reliable pressure sensory devices.
Easy customization to customer specifications on fabric conductivity, weight, thickness, stretches, etc.
Excellent durability against mechanical abrasion and long term stability under conditions of humidity, high temperature and UV radiation.

Eeonyx Corporation is a technology development, commercialization and manufacturing company, focused on specialty, engineered, conductive fabric materials. Eeonyx is headquartered in Pinole, CA, within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. For more information please visit www.eeonyx.com.

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