Aspire Rehabilitation Services Now Utilizing Whole Body Vibration Advanced Exercise

Omaha, NE, March 05, 2010 --( Aspire Rehabilitation Services now offers the WAVE (Whole-body Advanced Vibration Exercise) as part of their rehabilitation treatment.

Medical, fitness, and sports professionals discovered that the vibration exercise platform was too small to accommodate a wider range of exercise and therapeutic protocols; the machine was unable to accommodate variations in weight loads for fear of falling; and the strict range of frequencies did not allow for the benefit of consistent vibration among users. This realization gave birth to a need within the industry to develop a safe, credible, and reliable device for medical, fitness, athletic, and research markets.

The Evolution of WAVE technology has been positioned in the fore front of vibration exercise and therapy. The wide areas of benefits that their technology provides is from strength gains in only 15 minutes a day, 3 times per week, to increased circulation, flexibility, positive benefits on bone density, and minimal stress on the joints.

About ComFit Solutions’ WAVE (Whole-body Advanced Vibration Exercise) Technology WAVE vibration technology has been a trusted name in the medical, rehabilitation, sports and fitness areas. As you place yourself in various exercise positions, the movement of the WAVE platform stimulates the body’s natural ‘stretch reflex’. This is similar to having your knee tapped at a doctor’s office. Without thinking about it, your body responds with a strong involuntary muscle contraction, leading your leg to ‘kick out’. With WAVE technology, these strong contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate, up to 3000 muscles contractions per minute. Since the muscle contractions are involuntary, nearly 100 percent of your muscles are being worked. By using only your body weight, minimal stress is placed on the joints.
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Aspire Rehabilitation Services’ Physical Therapy is administered to help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. Physical therapy treatment aims to restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health. The focus of our Physical Therapy Department is on strengthening our patients so they get the maximum benefit from their treatment program. Contact Aspire Rehabilitation Services at 3512 SW Fairlawn Suite #200, Topeka, Kansas 66614, Phone: (785) 915-4118 or

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