Network Marketing MLM Guru Offers to Pay Online Home Business Opportunity Start-Up Cost

A successful network marketing sponsor is offering to eliminate all risk for new MLM entrepreneurs who want to have their own online home business by paying the cost and doing the work to run it.

Wakefield, NH, November 03, 2006 --( Many people hesitate to get involved with network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), or Internet business opportunities out of fear that they just take their money and deliver nothing of value.

David M. Bresnahan is out to prove that assumption to be wrong by taking on all the risk for three lucky people. He said he will pay the cost normally charged to start the business and do all the work for 30 days to prove it works. All the money that is made during the 30 days will be paid to the lucky entrepreneurs who are willing to sign up.

"I believe the most important ingediant in any network marketing or MLM business is the involvement of your direct sponsor and your upline sponsors. I decided to make an offer to three people to literally take all the risk and build a business for them. I will prove it works, and I will make money for them," said Bresnahan.

Most business opportunities have a start-up fee associated with them, and then require the new business owner to do all the marketing and advertising. The vast majority of people who start such a business never make any money and quit within a few months.

"It is tough for someone who has not done this before to get started and succeed. That's why I am willing to literally do it all for three people. They will learn by watching what I do, and by the end of the month they will have a going business that will be making them money. They win, and I win too because I make a commission from all their sales," explained Bresnahan.

He has prepared a free report entitled "How to Make a 5 Figure Monthly Income" that details the business, how it works, and what he does to insure that there is no risk for anyone who wants to participate. The free report is sent by E-mail on request at

"I pay their cost to get started, plus I do all the advertising and promotion to get customers to go to their web site through my company It functions like an Internet vending machine. It is fully automated and takes no time, effort, or expense to run. If at any time the person decides it is not for them they can quit with the click of a mouse. I'm the only one who risks anything. I will put in my money, and my time to help them succeed," said Bresnahan.

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David M. Bresnahan