Bond International Software’s Release of eEmpACT V17 On Demand Set to Revolutionize Staffing Software with Complete Cloud Computing Front and Back Office Solution

With eEmpACT V17 On Demand, a 100% web-based staffing software solution, staffing firms can improve operations and client services via Cloud Computing

Bloomington, MN, March 05, 2010 --( - eEmpACT Software (a Bond International Software company) is proud to announce that eEmpACT V17 On Demand, the next generation and innovative SaaS, Cloud Computing-based staffing software solution, will be released March 17, 2010 at Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum in Las Vegas, NV. With eEmpACT V17, staffing firms can access front office, payroll and billing/accounting functions from any Web-enabled computer, virtually anywhere.

“We live in a world that is constantly on-the-go. Never before has the need to conduct business anywhere, anytime, been greater for staffing firms of all sizes,” says Tim Giehll, CEO of Bond eEmpACT. “eEmpACT V17 On Demand provides the ultimate in mobility and agility for staffing firms. That directly translates to increased sales, improved client services and increased profits.”

Bond’s eEmpACT V17 On Demand solution for commercial high-volume staffing firms:

- Eliminates double entry and patched together systems with one centralized database
- Enables firms to hold employees more accountable, giving them universal access anywhere, anytime
- Allows sales reps to be more productive and completely mobile, and ensures consistent follow-up for potential customers

“Staffing firms come under constant pressure to operate more efficiently, effectively and accurately – and stay one step ahead of the competition. Whether in the office, at home or on the run, eEmpACT V17 On Demand staffing software will enable businesses to successfully run their business operations from anywhere with Internet access,” says Claudette Jaswa, VP of Sales and Marketing for eEmpACT Software.

With this out-of-the-box front and back office solution, eEmpACT handles all server, backup and upgrade responsibilities. Its state-of-the-art Cloud Computing site provides dual-power generators, multiple internet feeds and redundant cooling for the ultimate reliability and security.

Adds Steve Russell, Bond International Software CEO: “Bond is dedicated to delivering the most powerful, flexible and scalable technology infrastructure to empower businesses to develop and manage global workforces. For staffing firms, that means sustaining a long-term competitive advantage by remaining agile 24/7 with eEmpACT V17 On Demand. This release is a step toward the integration of Bond’s solutions for corporate HR and staffing firms – enabling a seamless human capital supply chain. This convergence of products will culminate in an integrated suite of human capital management software that will help organizations improve business processes and secure a competitive edge in the recruitment, motivation and reward of talented people.”

About eEmpACT Software
Since 1990, eEmpACT has designed software for temporary staffing services, direct hire recruiting companies, consulting firms and corporate human resource departments to improve their productivity and deliver a higher level of service to their candidates, customers and employees. With nearly 1,000 customers and more than 40 employees, the company has offices in Minneapolis, Atlanta and San Francisco. Developed specifically for the staffing industry, eEmpACT software combines a complete order/assignment placement and resume retrieval system with powerful accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) technology. Featuring both front- and back-office components, it provides a total and seamless recruitment, assignment, payroll and invoicing software solution that is smart, flexible and easy to use. Visit for more information.

About Bond International Software Group
A publicly held company quoted as “BDI” on the London Stock Exchange, Bond International Software Group ( is a pioneer in the development and provision of staffing software, support and consultancy services to the staffing and recruiting industries. A global leader in human capital management, it supports more than 100,000 staffing professionals in 42 countries worldwide and has over 500 employees worldwide, with offices in the U.K., Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, the U.S. and Canada. Since its founding in 1973, Bond has consistently combined innovation, dedication and market focus to forge ahead of its competitors. Its products and services have achieved prestigious acclaim and are now the market choice of many of the world’s largest and most respected personnel organizations. Bond’s consistently visionary perspective has enabled its network of global users to interpret and manage dynamic, complex markets and realize tangible competitive advantage in the race for human capital.

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