Czech Marbles Federation Announces the Date of the World Marbles Championship 2010

World marbles championship is organized every year from July, 2005. Adult players from all countries in the world have the chance to compete in this tournament. This year will be organized the 6th world marbles championship.

Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, March 10, 2010 --( Czech Marbles Federation, the organizer of the world marbles championship 2010, announces that the tournament will take place in July 2010, 24th. The tournament will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. Participants can enjoy the atmosphere of the event as well as the historical center of Prague not far from the playground. The age of the participants is not limited, however, most of the players usually are between 20 - 70 years.

The rules of the world marbles championship are the same like on most other European international tournaments. In every match, two players compete each other. Both of them have 10 marbles of different color. They start by throwing the marbles from the line 7,5 meters far from the hole. Then they shoot the marbles using one finger to the hole. The player who has all his marbles in the hole is winner of the game. Every match consists of two or three winning games.

Marble game become very popular in many countries in these days. This sport is inexpensive and can be played at any place where is possible to make a hole. The age of players doesn't matter -- the tournaments can attend everybody, young and old, child or adult.

World marbles championship is open to participants from all countries. Detailed information about the tournament, rules of marbles, photos and videos can be found at

Czech Marbles Federation
Petr Sejba