Brainloop Expands Rights Management, Integrates with Both Microsoft RMS and Adobe LiveCycle

Only secure document sharing platform to offer central application of persistent control over editing, printing, saving and forwarding for all major document types.

Boston, MA, March 06, 2010 --( Brainloop (, the leading supplier of Document Compliance Management solutions for highly secure document sharing, announced that it now supports Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management. Brainloop has supported a similar solution with Microsoft’s Rights Management Services for a number of years, managing access rights for users of Microsoft Office documents.

Brainloop provides a hosted (SaaS) service for collaboration on confidential documents for such applications as biotech licensing (, project collaboration (, secure communication, M&A due diligence ( and other applications that need to support document security compliance. Typical users are companies conducting high-profile transactions or engaged in highly sensitive collaboration scenarios calling for the strictest encryption, access control and auditability standards.

The integration of Brainloop’s data room service with Adobe LiveCycle RM and Microsoft RMS allows IT administrators or document authors to set secure, persistent document access policies and privileges, while maintaining an audit trail of all document access and changes to meet corporate and regulatory compliance objectives. Access rights are applied to documents saved in the data room and protect the documents even after they have been downloaded to the users’ local computers.

Using rights management, customized document restrictions such as control over editing, printing, and forwarding can be centrally defined on the server, and remain in place after download. The user receives a personal, encrypted copy of the document. This personalized copy cannot be opened by other users at any time. The document owner can specify an expiration date, after which time users can no longer open their personal copies of the document.

"We’re proud to be the only vendor in document compliance management to be fully integrated with both Adobe LiveCycle and with Microsoft RMS, allowing our customers to apply rights management to more types of documents than they previously could do, and within a fully documented collaboration environment," says Brainloop CEO Peter Weger. "With this kind of integration, Brainloop does the heavy lifting so it’s very easy for document owners to apply and enforce security policy to documents delivered from the data room to the user."

About Brainloop:
Brainloop, with offices in Boston and Munich, is the leading supplier of software solutions for high-security management of confidential documents. Brainloop Secure Dataroom is a virtual document safe that enables safe filing, editing and distribution of highly confidential documents within a single company, and beyond. All contents are powerfully protected from unauthorized internal or external attacks, and all actions within the data room are documented by a tamper-proof audit trail. Frequent uses include contract negotiations, collecting data and writing up quarterly reports, and any other communication that contains confidential information.

Brainloop Secure Dataroom is used internationally by hundreds of renowned companies including BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Eurocopter, Galileo Industries, Sky (formerly Premiere) and ThyssenKrupp. Leading law firms and investment banks use this solution for the complete life cycle of M&A transactions. Strategic partners of Brainloop are HP, F-I-TS, Microsoft and T-Systems Business Services.

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Victor Cruz
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