Paraben's Porn Detection Stick; Illicit Image Identification

Orem, UT, March 02, 2010 --( Paraben’s Porn Detection Stick identifies illicit content for Parents & Employers

Paraben Corporation, a digital forensic technology provider, announced today that it has released the new Porn Detection Stick. The Porn Detection Stick is a thumb drive size device that will scan PC’s and peripherals such as flash cards etc. for pornographic/illicit content and provide you with a report of suspect images. The average age a child is exposed to pornography online is 11 years old. They may not be actively searching for it but chances are they've run across it and pornography is now residing on your computer. The Porn Detection Stick is just one more method to stop this type of exposure to children. “Creating a tool that empowers parents with the ability to find risks to their children was very important to me as a parent and as a professional fighting crimes against children.” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. Monitoring software and filters can’t stop everything which is why the Porn Detection stick is the perfect tool for safeguarding the content on your family or business computer.

You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this tool. It is as easy as plugging it in and telling it where to scan. The porn detection software is embedded on USB thumb drive which allows you to plug into any computer in your home or office and quickly scan for illicit images. The Porn Detection Stick has implemented a number of methods and algorithms to analyze each image to determine if it may be pornographic in nature. Using this series of methods, the Porn Detection Stick is 99% accurate in the detection of pornographic or illicit content. A computer with a 500 GB hard drive was searched using the Porn Detection Stick and within an hour and a half, the entire computer was searched and over 72,000 images were analyzed. The Porn Detection Stick can produce results that will allow you to maintain the safety of your children and your entire family.

About Paraben
Paraben specializes in comprehensive digital forensic solutions for handhelds, hard drives, enterprise networks, and consumers. Handheld innovations offer 360 degrees of solution power from seizure to analysis. The hard drive solutions move to the next level solving problems through a specialized tool approach and a single command suite. Enterprise technologies top off the repertoire with proactive and reactive solutions for a network. These solutions work through a stealth client server system that responds or prepares you for any issue in your network where forensic-grade data is key. Finally Paraben’s consumer technology allows parents to protect their family from illicit images, and unwanted online predators. From technology to services Paraben provides effective results.

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Gavin Gustafson

Paraben Corporation
Gavin Gustafson