Insomniacs Wake Up to Confidence Cure

Leeds, United Kingdom, November 04, 2006 --( “Building confidence can aid insomnia,” says UK based Confidence Coach Una Doyle. This dramatic statement is a result of Una identifying a trend amongst her clients that they were experiencing better quality sleep after making steps to build their confidence and remove blocks from other areas of their lives.

Almost 12 per cent of people in the UK are estimated to suffer from insomnia. In the USA, that figure is estimated to be a little higher, at one in eight*. Poor sleep can negatively affect work productivity, professional and personal relationships and mental and physical wellbeing. Insomniacs can now benefit from a new approach to sleep problems, building their confidence.

While there may often be medical reasons as to why people have sleeping problems – and the side effects of medication can add to that – stress and anxiety are also key causes as to why many otherwise healthy people have this problem.

According to TV confidence expert, Una Doyle: “Many people suffer stress, anxiety and worry as symptoms of a lack of inner confidence. Even many other known causes of insomnia such as too much caffeine, smoking and drinking alcohol can be reactions to situations where a person feels unsure of themselves.

“A truly confident person is very certain about who they are, what is important to them and where they are going. They find it easier to make decisions and to express themselves clearly. A person with inner confidence usually has a sense of purpose and is very motivated. They have also learned ways to overcome blocks or fears that have held them back and to have greater self-belief.”

Una maintains that many people confuse being an extrovert with being confident. Just because a person is confident in their abilities or they find it easy to talk to people, that doesn’t mean that deep down they really believe they’re good enough. This could cause them to feel stress, anxiety and worry all of which can contribute to the vicious cycle of a lack of sleep.

She continued: “Many of my clients have reported massive improvements in reducing stress and improving sleep through increasing their self-confidence and learning to relax.”

To help a wider audience to do this, Una has created an audio and guided meditation ‘Build a Wealth of Confidence!’ available as a download from Lulu ( - hyperlink as

People can benefit from listening to it at night for help with sleeping (perhaps instead of a sleeping pill) and also in the morning to give a great start to the day. The meditation track is 20 minutes which also makes it a perfect lunchtime stress buster.


* Insomnia statistics source:
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