Collective Buying Power, the Winning EuroMillions Formula

Fun, innovative and ‘democratic’ online lottery service, set to take on the mundane and lackluster alternatives

London, United Kingdom, March 10, 2010 --( Joining the global movement towards giving power back to the consumer through collective action, has announced the launch of its revamped and redesigned lottery service - an online syndicate manager for the prestigious EuroMillions lottery. has been designed to not only respond to the heightened discontent and insecurity surrounding other online lottery services, but also provide members with a platform to increase their chances of winning the weekly lottery, by playing in a syndicate. Furthermore, its ‘democratic’ and ‘collective’ approach means the members themselves select the numbers played, unlike other lottery sites where members have no say in the matter. “Power to the People” says Jens Gregersen, Gluto’s Co-founder. “The market today for playing lotteries online lacks quality and commitment, thus resulting in the consumer suffering. Our goal was to develop a fun, yet secure system that provides lottery players with the necessary tools to help increase their chances of winning more, more often. This is’s premise and offering.” provides four key benefits for members playing the EuroMillions lottery:

* Increased chance of winning by 3600%, guarantees the two Lucky Star numbers
* A 50% cash prize bonus playing with the Beta Syndicate
* Up to 6 times more cash to be won compared to playing as an individual
* Hassle free service - customers relieved of purchasing lottery tickets and collecting prizes

Two main syndicates are available as of today, Beta and Alpha, while a third, Gamma, is offered periodically. Members also have access to a range of ‘Lotto Insights’, which are analytical tools providing statistics from all the previous EuroMillions draws since it began in 2004, enabling more informed decisions to be made on the numbers played. rewards those members’ who help to build the ‘network’, whereby those who refer two or more ‘friends’ begin gaining extra syndicate shares, effectively helping them play for free.

About is an innovative online syndicate manager for the EuroMillions lottery, dedicated to serving the needs of lottery enthusiasts and players from around the globe. For more information, visit For all media and press enquiries, contact Adam Salter: salter[at]

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