Biltmore Franchise Consulting Announces a Franchise Sales Agent Program

Scottsdale, AZ, March 10, 2010 --( Biltmore Franchise Consulting has a team of franchise specialists with over 20 years of business consulting and franchise experience, and is growing. Biltmore Franchise Consulting has expanded by adding a franchise sales agent program to assist buyers with franchise opportunities best suited for their wants and needs.

Biltmore Franchise Consulting offers a complete franchise sales agent program, providing new franchise sales agents with the tools, training, and support to help them achieve a successful franchise sales consulting business. This can be very lucrative work.

Just a few easy steps to be successful as a franchise broker;

-Become one of our authorized agents
-Pay a one-time training fee of $2,500
-Participate in training (can be on-line)
-Can be part-time or full-time work
-Access our list of approved franchise offerings
-Guide and qualify potential franchise buyers
-Refer them to selected franchise companies
-Receive a substantial commission in a few days
-Commissions typically $9,000 to $20,000, or more

Contact John Power, today to help you develop a very successful franchise sale consulting business.

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