ITCES to Conduct Study of Weight Loss Drug Product, Obestrin®

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2010 --( ITCES Corporation has been contracted to perform both recruitment and subsequent statistical meta-analysis in a study of the weight loss drug product, Obestrin®.

Obestrin® is the commercial name for the combination drug product formerly designated, AVT-12. Obestrin® functions in part by increasing the individual’s GPR39 associated receptor sensitivity to obestatin.

After a successful performance in the recently completed randomized, controlled trial, the current Obestrin® study is a phase III, open-label, pragmatic, healthy volunteer trial in support of approval for over-the-counter sales.

ITCES Director, Dr. Thomas Schwartz released the following statement:

“We at ITCES are pleased to have the opportunity to continue our research on this promising product. It is not hyperbole to suggest that obesity is an epidemic and Obestrin® may well prove to be a substantial emerging contributor to the solution.”

ITCES Corporation
Renee Williams