Custom Chic Announces New Custom Tailored Suit Making Service, for Toronto Women

Toronto, ON, Canada, March 16, 2010 --( Custom Chic, a Toronto-based maker of custom tailored suits for women, announced this week that they would begin accepting orders from customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Custom tailored suits for women, previously available only from small, local makers, are now accessible to all of Toronto’s sizeable female professional class, thanks to Custom Chic’s innovative production methods, which make it possible for them to price their custom tailored suits competitively with high-end off-the-rack women’s apparel.

Custom Chic uses a unique system of body-type classification to quickly and easily determine which custom tailored suit pattern best suits an individual woman’s particular shape. Customers are classified as having one of the following kinds of body type: banana, apple, pear, or hour glass. Depending on a customer’s classification, Custom Chic can recommend pre-existing patterns and make modifications to suit.

Custom Chic’s services for professional women are particularly necessary now that women seemed destined to outnumber men in the post-recession workforce.

Custom Chic looks forward to helping successful women in the Greater Toronto Area look their very best.

Custom Chic is a Toronto-based maker and seller of custom tailored suits for women. For more information, visit

Custom Chic
Clarissa Lui