Media Funding Solutions Launches Innovative Advertising for Stock Venture Capital Program

Do you have a great product or service and need up to $10 million dollars or more in funding for advertising to get major national exposure to brand, market and grow your company?

Las Vegas, NV, March 10, 2010 --( If one of your needs for your company’s growth is advertising then Las Vegas-based Media Funding Solutions – – offers an extraordinary way to fund your marketing plan. Rather than investing cash, as is typical of a venture capital firm, Media Funding Solutions infuses a company with another very valuable asset –media inventories. What exactly is a media inventory? A media inventory is block of advertising in one or more types of media – online, magazines, newspaper, TV, radio, etc.

Media Funding Solutions idea is really not new. Rather, it is simply a variation on the theme that proved successful for real estate owners and tech entrepreneurs back in the 1990s in the Silicon Valley. In lieu of cash rents, tech companies paid their rent in the form of stock in their burgeoning companies.

In the case of the real estate owners, the asset they injected into a company was office space. As stated, the investable asset of Media Funding Solutions is advertising inventory.

You can create a first class media campaign funded completely through Media Funding Solutions programs Radio, TV, Newspapers, magazines, Internet and more are all available using MFS funding programs.

Media Funding Solutions offers the following alternative finance programs to qualified companies

Ads for Stock Financing -If you own an emerging Pre-IPO company or a micro-cap public company and want to promote your products and services without having to pay the usual cost of advertising -Media Funding Solutions can help you deliver these results to your shareholders through a unique equity/advertising exchange program. Your company has access to mainstream advertising while minimally impacting your cash reserves or cash flow. You maintain complete control over dollars spent and advertising content. All achieved through a partnership that connects MFS’ success directly to you and your shareholders’ success.

Advertising Venture Capital -If your company is an emerging private company MFS will invest their media inventories in your qualified business venture. This MFS program provides specific media campaigns or asset based media financing plans with limited cash costs and small profit participation on the back end.

Cross-Purchase Financing - MFS will purchase your company's products, services and other assets.

If your business qualifies you can use your company’s products, services and other assets to pay for a substantial portion or in some cases all of your media buy. The brains behind this alternative venture capital firm are Marc Hatch and Jay Greenlees.

About Media Funding Solutions
Principals Marc Hatch and Jay Greenlees, combined, have almost 20 years experience in the field of media and alternative financing. They owned competing businesses and were friendly competitors for years and in 2009 they joined forces and started Media Funding Solutions to provide an innovative set of financing solutions to meet the growing needs of small to medium sized businesses that are finding it increasingly difficult to get access to funds to meet their advertising, branding and marketing needs.

Contact Information for principals:
Jay Greenlees - E: - P: 702-387-2338 ext 101
Marc Hatch; E: - P: 702-387-2338 x102

Jay Greenlees