Adopt Through Telephone

New Delhi, India, March 11, 2010 --( Parents, Grand-parents... all old and infirm, are only a phone call away. But you don’t have time to call them as regularly as you would like to. Is there a solution to all the loneliness? Agewell Foundation has found an answer for these people.

It is not unusual to see qualified women, living in various small and big cities of India who, though busy managing husbands and children still have time on their hands where they want to do something good and productive.

They have free time when their children are away at school and are willing to do something that would make them feel good about themselves and earn some good karma too. Agewell Foundation has a specific data base of volunteers who can talk via telephone to old people who never leave home.

There are a large number of old people (more women than men) who are unable to go out and mostly home bound with limited interaction with the outside world. Individually within the four walls of almost every home old people are being rejected, ignored, abused or at best tolerated. Collectively something can be done to celebrate old age and show respect to them.

Most of the calls/visits at the Agewell helpline is about loneliness, acute sense of isolation and interpersonal conflict between generations and ironically their need is sometimes just simply to have someone who would listen to what ever is going on in their minds. This bottling up and their psychological alienation reflects on their physical any case many old people are rather self conscious of the changes in the appearance, face expression etc.

Giving them a chance to unburden themselves is a therapy in itself., adopting old people through telephone is an idea generated by Agewell Foundation . It is beneficial for both, the listener as well as the talker. A chance to forge long distance but heart felt relationships are as complicated and real as face to face associations, it is all about finding far away family.

Agewell invites the talkers and the listeners to register It is always better to participate and interact whenever and as much as possible. email at or call 29836486/29840484.

Agewell Foundation
Himanshu Rath