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Jensen Beach, FL, November 06, 2006 --( It is with great excitement and joy that there is the new and simplified The Invisible Disease website … Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/cfids/me which can be found at

With new information coming from all over the world, sometimes on a daily basis, it was decided that the website needed to be more easily accessible for everyone. In addition, there were so many different topics to provide for you … ways to deal with chronic illness, articles from those who have found a way to turn a negative into a positive, adding a little humor, help find support groups in various areas, places to find disability information and a place to blog thoughts and feelings, that friends Minnie Juhl and Cookie Monsta offered to work on a completely new website.

Now there is a website that provides some special extra features. By registering as a member of the website, you will receive your own personal blog. You can create something personal just for yourself or adjust the settings to share your thoughts with other members. In addition there is now a listing of the entire membership community.

The message board has a new look too. It’s brighter and more inviting. Please stop by and have a look. It doesn’t just deal with the struggles with being sick, it includes discussions about interests, words of encouragement, odd news of the day and just chit and chat. There is a small group of participants and your input in discussions would be welcome. Sometimes serious, sometimes support for others, and sometimes just trying to have a good laugh is the purpose.  The address is

As always since the day this site launched, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will continue to search for news, research and information that is necessary to know. Communication is essential. Please contact the site if cfs can help in anyway.

Lives are made up of many different parts. Having a chronic illness only defines one part of those who have cfs, but sufferers are so much more. With this site, cfs hopes to encourage you to be all that you are.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Barbara Berger